Friday, 2 December 2011

Soul Crafting

Since I'm going to be selling more than just felted items in my Etsy shop I've decided that I'm going to merge this blog with my other crafting blog.  It has to be easier to maintain one blog than two...right?  Also having just the one blog for everything will be less limiting to what I can create.  So with that in mind, if you're following my felting here please pop over to Soul Crafting by Shevi and follow my felting there.   Does that make sense? lol.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Grand opening coming soon!

I've been felting and weaving and creating like a mad woman in the last week or two.  I'm working towards having enough stock ready to have a grand opening sale in my etsy shop just after the New Year.  I'll be offering a discount on all purchases and if you "like" my FB page you'll receive an extra special discount only available to FB followers.

I have some new ideas for things to put in the shop. I'm making pin cushions.  Just because.  They're pretty cute and a fun frivolous thing to make.

Monster Pin Cushion - 8cm diameter x 4cm height.

Monster pin cushion.  This one is mine :oP

I've been weaving some scarves and such for the shop too.  So no, it wont just be felted things but there will always be a focus on the felting.  You can see some of the weaving that I've been doing over on my other blog.

I have a few other felty type of things brewing too but I'm keeping them under my hat till they're done. I hope you'll all come and pay me a visit over on FB or at my etsy shop.  Back to the felting...

Monday, 14 November 2011

Progress pics and name change

I announced about a week ago that I had to change the name of my site and FB page.  So today I've finally gotten around to it and we are now named 'Felt Fascinated'.  I hope it grows on you all :oD

I am also in the process of setting up an Etsy shop where I will list all items for sale.  Links will be provided here and I will also maintain a gallery of past works here for you all to view at your leisure.

I had to go away for a few days last week and I made sure to take as much of my felting stuff with me as I could.  I decided to rework my very first attempt at felting and I have to say, I'm very pleased with the progress I've made.

Original bear. My first ever attempt at needle felting.

Reinvented bear.  I think it looks much better now.
I've been planning some more plushies for a while and I had already purchased some fur fabric so I decided to get started on my next plushie while I was at my friends house.  She is 100% hand sewn with a felted face, cute button joints and hand painted German glass eyes.  Her felted face is merino fibre and her teeth are pure white angora rabbit fur.  She isn't quite finished yet but I'm happy to share progress pics so everyone can see how she is coming along.  I went into spotlight yesterday and purchased some fabric to make her outfit and I think she is looking very sweet.  If a little evil without her eyelashes. lol.

Close up of her face
I've also been working on another character feltoonie for a special order.  I know, I seem to be doing a lot of special orders lately, but this order came in a while back and I plan to get it finished then not do any special orders till I have enough creations made to actually list some on Etsy.  Here is a progress pic of my special order; Frankenbunny.  Again, not quite finished but will post another pic when I've put the finishing touches on him.  I think he's turned out pretty well. :oD

Special announcement: I want to let you all know that I'm planning a once a month shop update for my creations.  My first listing is planned for the New Year.  Of course, the first listing day will be announced on the Facebook page so if you're not following now is a good time to pop over there and press that like button so you'll be able to get your stalking boots on as soon as I make that announcement.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Feeling inspired

In the last few weeks I've been felting a special order of miniature zombie bunny head art yarn add ins for Charly over at IxCHeL.  You can see the awesome yarns that Charly made here.  I've still got a few heads to finish but they're close to being done.

Mini zombie bunny heads

 Larger zombie bunny heads

Once I'm finished with this special order I'll be moving onto some new concepts that I have brewing away in the back of my mind.  I'm feeling incredibly inspired at the moment and have lots of plans for some really special sculptures. I've even already started buying supplies for these projects. Today I went out and bought some of the most gorgeous Oriental Brocade I've ever seen and thought I might share it with you.

 Blue floral fabric and wrong side of blue fabric

 Hot pink fabric and wrong side of hot pink fabric

I am absolutely in love with these fabrics.  I cant wait to get started on my next project.  I'm trying very hard to be good and finish what I'm currently working on first though.  Sometimes being inspired can be frustrating. lol.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Joining the world of eCommerce...finally

Lightning fast update: good news for international buyers.  I have signed up for a Paymate account. Paymate is similar to PayPal in that you can pay for your purchase using your credit card without having to sign up for an account.  Yes, you can use your debit card to pay too.

It will be a few days before I can actually use my account to accept payments but not to worry as I dont have any critters available just yet anyway.

Please remember that items listed for sale will appear on their respective pages and a link to them will be provided here.  Also, don't forget that everything is a OOAK unless stated otherwise so you'll have to be quick if you want to snap it up ;o)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Works in progress

I already posted these photos on my other blog but I thought I should put them here also since this is supposed to be all about my soft sculpture. I started this cute little Halloween themed project a couple of weeks ago and have sadly put it aside for now while I work on some other things, but here are the progress pics anyway. 

I'm calling her 'The Bear Witch Project' and she has cute little accessories including a witches cauldron that I've sculpted from polymer clay. She is not even close to finished but I have big plans for her costume and other little bits and bobs that will be added to her as I go along. I have to order some glass eyes for her but that will have to wait till next week now.

Bear Witch in pieces

People soup; accessory for the bear witch project
I have been playing with needle felting for only a few months now and I am constantly astounded by the talented people out there. I stumbled across a website just a week ago showing some amazing work by another needle felt artist which have inspired me to make some larger pieces. Not in the same style, in fact, totally different, but her work is still remarkable. Please go check out this award winning artists work by visiting her site.

The biggest inspiration to make some larger pieces comes from the work of a lady who sculpts realistic human figures from fabric. Talk about your ultimate cloth doll making. She has a book out detailing her technique which is now right at the top of my wish list. You can check out her mind boggling work here. Amazing...right?

It will be a little while before I get a chance to finish the Bear Witch and get started on my larger ideas but I love that the concepts are already brewing around in the back of my mind waiting to be manifested.

All fans of soft sculpture, welcome.

I have created this blog to act as a focal point for my soft sculpture work.  Whether they be felted or otherwise, in some way they will be made from fibre.  Some people who pass by here may know me from my other blog where I am a card carrying fibre/yarn fanatic.

Some of my smaller sculptures, which I call 'Feltoonies' have been shown on my other blog.  You'll see a concentrated number of them here on their own page once I get organised enough to actually sell them.  Please check back often to see if any have been listed for sale.

There are other types of sculpture that I will explore here also.  I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures and please feel free to offer comments on what  you see here.